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I currently have five fry left. I am shocked that they have made it this far since I do not have any rotifer cultures. I have been sieving my copopod cultures and apparently they are finding enough naups. I did things differently than normal and it appears to be working. I did not use a air line as usual and just kind of let the water in the tank and kreisel slowly mix. There are virtually no currents in the kreisel. The pod naups are congregating at the waters surface and the fry are all up there striking and feeding. The lack of current is is allowing the pods to concentrate which is making up for the lack of numbers for the fry. I do fear water quality may become an issue with all the empty egg casings in the bottom so I will have to do some maintenance tonight. I lost track of how old this batch is. I would have to say somewhere around 4-5 days.

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Just a quick question how did you train your mandarins to eat blood worms? and what is this food dish that you were talking about?



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