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I am so done with RSB's I dont know wtf the deal is with them. I came home from work today and the bastard was dead. .... #### them im done. Flasher wrasses it is.

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Got a few shipments in today. My new "typhoon III" got here today. (even though it doesnt look like one) Its nice having 0 TDS.






I also got my microscope slides in. I had a super small spawn today. Only collected like 5 eggs. Bangai ate the rest. Heres a few shots of them.










And my personal favorite


Thats how much money you could be saving with geico

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Thanks nano, I am really digging my new microscope and RO units. Im not so digging my LFS atm. I have now gone through 3 RSB's none of which made it through 48hours. Not to mention I have not seen my flasher wrasse in two days. Im trying to give it the benifit of the doubt but Im pretty sure its dead or in the back chambers.....I dont think im buying anythign from thier copper system again. They have two systems. 1 has all the inverts and Mandarins. The other has a small amount of copper in it. I keep telling them they shouldnt put the scooters on that side for the same reason they dont put the mandarins over there but they just dont get it. f%cking flasher wrasse was almost $60. I got two females coming from ebay hopefully next week and my male is no where to be seen. One of the females will become male but I dont know how long it would take for the pretty fins and color's to develop.

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Dont know why but every time I feel like taking pics is right after I feed the tank. Don't mind the mess.


Reef Porn!
























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They just got done acclimating and are getting used to thier new home.






I am alittle concerned about the males eyes. They have that wierd shine to them. It doesnt look like its bothering him at all and hes eating like a champ.

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your heater was set at 75 and took the tank to 120 ???? what type of heater so i know not to buy it.

did you train your mandarins to eat or were they all ready trained? ewhat is their favorite food? bloodworms. frozen or freeze dried?

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The heater was some crappy thing I got from a guy when I bought his tank. Its so old I cant tell what kind it was. Thankfully I only used it in a 5gal bucket of rotifers and not a tank with fish. My mandarins like frozen bloodworms. They where not trained when I got them. I had to train them myself.


Updated sexyness

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I figured out why the half dozen spawns I got in the past week where not producing any thing viable. I had the heater and temp probe in the fry tanks sump. I happened to test the temp in the fry tub and it was only 71. Needs to be atleast 80-82 for the eggs to hatch appropriatly. I tossed the heater in the tub instead so I should be good to go now. Rotifers are producing like crazy I have 5 cultures and my fry tub is packed with them. Doing daily water changes on all of them including the tub so things better not crash. Female mandarin is swollen as hell so fingers crossed for tonight

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You'll have to swab your eyes and check for rotifers on the new microscope slides! haha Hope you can see again! Great looking tank.

Is it common to be able to tank-raise mandarins? I've never seen anyone do it before.

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