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I had a dream last night that Mantis shrimp had taken over my tank. There we 8 of them and they where all vicious and trying to attack me while I was trying to save the fish..talk about stressfull.

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I decided to ditch my traditional Kreisel design and go the BRT route. I couldnt find any decent designs anywhere so I had to use my imagination. Hopefully it works ok. I allready had one incident where the screen on the overflow clogged and cause it to overflow spilling a gallon or so on the floor. I had to drill a hole about 1" above the normal water level as a emergency overflow. I also moved my RO unit to the garage instead of under the sink. I still need to set up a holding tank for it but that will have to wait until friday when I can order a float valve. I have new filters in special thanks to one of the coolest peeps in the world and its slowly dripping into a bucket for now. Heres a few pics.






Once I get some water made I will ditch the bucket and use the plastic tub so I can get a aditional 10-20gal of volume.


More garage pics


Rotifer cultures.





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I can see again thanks, My eyes still hurt but it will take a few months for the damage done to heal. I meet with my Neurologist next tuesday to go over my MRI results....hopefully the mass he had seen was just a lil tumor or something and can be hacked out.

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Another Mandarin spawn today on 09/02/09. I took a few videos with my wifes canon powershot.


Eggs floating in plastic bottle waiting 3 days prior to release into BRT.



Heres the container floating in the BRT


I also had a Hermit crab larvae. I tossed them into a 2liter bottle with a airline...Its not worth setting up a kreisel and all.

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I put a heater in my rot culture to try and speed up reproduction. I set it to 75 and went to bed. I woke up this morning and it was 121 degrees. OOPS! I doubt it hurt anything concidering the culture never took off in the first place but still, Kind of funny.

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Stopped by my LFS today to pick up a bluespot, they had one. I wasnt too impressed with it. Its colors where on the darkside. They said it was spoken for. They are ordering a few more that are scheduled to come in Wed. Ill pick one up then and maybe a few other things. They had a 10" deresa it was massive but bland brown colors. I ordered a typhoon III RO unit and im getting ready to order a microscope. Tomorrow im ordering a bunch of stuff from www.seahorsesource.com


Heres a few pointless youtubes of my junk


phyto cultures and rots.


Giant spagetti worm

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I dont think I could ever spend that much on a fish unless it was guaranteed immortal and pood gold. I would drop $100 on it probably though.

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Anyone got a tang I can borrow for a photoshoot? I want to take some pics of it swimming with my Mandarins in my nano and stir up some #### over on RC.

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Anyone got a tang I can borrow for a photoshoot? I want to take some pics of it swimming with my Mandarins in my nano and stir up some #### over on RC.



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