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Hi my name is Mike, I am from the Minooka,IL area and a member of Jarc. I have been trolling here long enough and figured I should start a over due tank thread. First off a tiny bit about myself, Im 28 and just got into reefing in february 2009. I took the plung after months of research into keeping coral and the types of equipment I would need. Here is what I ended up with.




I finally decided to go with the nanotuners custom jbj nano cube hqi with 2 18watt pc actinic upgrade. Here are the specs. http://www.nanotuners.com/product_info.php...8sk62o0c5e4mf12




150watt hqi Radium 20k, 2 18watt pc actinics and of course the 4 1watt moonlights.




I run a combo of chemipure elite, Brightwells Phosphat-r and filterfloss in the chamber box. I also occasionally toss in a bag of carbon.


I have a 5gal fuge plumbed into the system sitting on a shelf above the DT. Its in need of a serious trimming. Its packed wall to wall with cheato and some of the biggest amphipods I have ever seen.




I am currently using almost strictly Brighwell products and haphazardly doing the Neozeo method.

Chems include:

Zeolight media Daily dosing of: Microbacter-7 5drps , Reef biofuel 5drps, Replenish 9drps, Koralle-vm 6drps, KoralColor 8drps, Iodion 1drp, CoralAmino 6drps, liquid reef 5drps, Vitamin C 3drps, Zooplankton-L and Phytochrome once a week




ACJ with serial port, lab grade ph probe and temp probe. Aquanotes 3.5




Inverts: 1 emerald crab, 1 seahare, 1 pom pom crab, 1 cleaner shrimp, 1 flame scallop, 1 beautifull squamosa clam and the CuC.


Fish: 1 bangaii cardinal, bonded pair of ocellaris (going to new home soon), Breeding pair of Green Mandarins and 1 little bully of a Spotted Mandarin. Today I picked up 2 adorable Red Scooter Blenny's. They never leave eachothers side. The Male has a huge dorsal fin. My Mandarins have been coming by checking them out but have not herrased them.


Eventually I will get my 75gal set up with a divider. On one side will be a pair of spotted and a pair of hybrid green and spotted. I will run a pvc tube under the divider connecting the two tanks and will have a pair of bluespots.....maybe.




And now what you scrolled over all that text for ...Pics!


All pics are alittle older. I somehow managed to break my canon rebel and camcorder in the same week....ok pics in a few minutes my wife keeps whining for me to get back to painting.

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Tank and fuge on day one.




Fuge now. (Needs a desperate cleaning)






Everything was pretty messy in that pic. The shelf is pretty much empty now and all that junk next to the tank is gone.

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What do you guys have your mp10's set to? I have mine on short pulse turned up alittle shy of half way. Its enough to get a small wave going and keep the fish down low out of the current.

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I absolutly love my new RSB's They never leave eachothers side. Last night when they went to bed they burried themselves right next to eachother. All you could see is four eyes sticking up out of the sand. My Mandarins havnt been messing with them at all either. They swim by and check them out alittle but no signs of aggression. My Male even looked like he was going to flash the female rsb. for a min. The Male RSB has a huge dorsal fin. Looked really cool when he was flashing when I first dumped him into his new home. I cant wait for the night I look over and see both Mandarins and RSB's rising to the surface. I wouldnt be able to tell the eggs apart but would still be sweet. They would be raised the same and look Identical until they start getting colors either way.

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I wish I could say the same about your avatar....eww..lol I remember that crackhead from a video somewhere just cant remember where.

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Heres a few shots of my New RSB's, Its a full moon tonight and the Mandarins are allready starting to go a it and I seen the Male rsb flashing the female alittle.







They tend to hang out in that little rock cave there. Fortunatly I have a clear view of it from my computer.

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whos Nautilus is that? That thing is redic! Any trouble taking care of it? How long has it been kept in captivity.

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That was a pic I took at the LFS in thier 200. I doubt its still alive. It was just a cute pic I wanted to add.

Even though in the middle of the tank it looks like theres a big turd sititng on the bottom.

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Yea :( poor thing prob didn't eat, or if it did probably not well. The little kid looks menacing too...wants to pet the skate and shake the nautilus

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Heres a video of my Mandarins eating from thier feeding dish. Stupid clown had to keep messing up the shot though.


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Heres a video of my Mandarins eating from thier feeding dish. Stupid clown had to keep messing up the shot though.



What are you feeding them. It looks like blood worms?

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That's pretty nice looking first reef after 6 months.


I seriously doubt mine will look anywhere near as good as that in 4 more months.

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My Female RSB figured out where the feeding dish was this morning. Sally was showing her the ropes and kept taking her by the feeding dish. I feed them as usual in the mornings and first thing sally swims over to the scooter and leads her to the feeding dish and they started eating. The male hasnt figured it out yet. I am very glad that I purchased these little guys. They add a nice color contrast to the tank. Blue Mandarins and Red scooters. The males dorsal fin looks pretty sweet. Kid of reminds me of a cicada wing or something.

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