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New Lighting

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I finally scraped together enough to upgrade the lighting in my BC29.

I had originally had the stock hood, then used an upgraded hood with 4 lights in it but I still wasn't happy with the coloring of flourscent lights.


I found a nearly new Sunpod on another forum and was instantly in love with the brightness, shimmer effect in the water and the way everything looked. Well, not completely. I missed the blue lights.


I started making my own LEDs following a bunch of guides on here and came up with a good test unit, but then scrapped it once I saw the prices of the PowerBrights had dropped to just a little more than my project was going to cost me. So I scrapped it and bought the PB's.


So, here they are:


NOTE: Most of my zoas are still not used to the MH lights yet, so almost all but 2 colonies are closed up :(

I can't wait for them to open up though.


The one colony that's actually happy at the moment and always opened.






unhappy zoas



Green Fuzzy Mushrooms



Nuclear Green Palys






the PB's are hanging off the top of the Sunpod's top mounting holes for now with heavy wire until I can build brackets.





FTS with all the lights on



PBs above



Sunpod and PBs on



Some pics of the fish:






Corals under all the lighting:








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I only wished I had cleaned the glass first.


He rubs the heck out of the fuzzy mushrooms all day long, I don't know why they put up with it. He also spends a lot of time hiding between the two on the bottom. He sticks his head in and out in and out, its pretty fun to watch. He also defends all 3 of the big fuzzy shrooms from the other fish (like they even care) and tries feeding the mushrooms every day, the mushrooms aren't amused LOL.


His anemone died a while back, so he re-hosted with these mushrooms. I was hoping he would go for the frog spawn, but I guess he likes the mushrooms better.

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Very Nice...Where did you buy the lights from?


I got the sunpod used off someone on RC in near brand new condition. Works great!


I bought the PowerBrights new from World Wide Corals. They were a bit overpriced compared to, say, Dr Fosters... but I wanted them now now now! LOL. World Wide Corals has some amazing display tanks. Their main tank in their showroom has 12 PB's running over it. Their corals are amazingly colorful to look at in person. I'll have to get some pics of it all to post some time.

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Well, the corals are starting to color up nicely, it's only been a couple weeks now. The red cap is coming back and coloring up nice...the green corals are unusually green and "glow" most of the time now. I put a few of the zoas that were not liking the light in the shade and they are all finally starting to open up now.


I'll post some more pics once more stuff is opened up and looking good.

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