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Uhuru's NPS Elos Mini


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I wasn't planning on setting up another nano other than my QT tanks, but I came across a deal on a used Elos Mini I couldn't refuse. I will be getting it on Saturday morning. It will include:


20g Elos Tank

Elos LED e-Lite

Elos glass sump

Elos NS100 skimmer Euro-Reef RC80

Tunze Osmolator

Elos stand


Planned equipment:

Vortech MP10 from waveguy2's "GB"

AC Jr. I've had sitting in storage for a while

Drews dosing pumps - Balling Light method for Ca/Alk/Trace element supplementation

spotlights: 2 3 x Evilc66's LED pico lamps (when they become available again)


Additional filtration:


Prodibio Biodigest

Seachem Matrix (run passively)

Activated Carbon (run passively)

Small amount of GFO (run passively)

100% Eco-Rox

SSB - Tropic Eden Mini Reef-flakes


Planned livestock:

Mostly Photosynthetic Gorgonians

Kryptonite candy cane coral

Couple of Yumas, Acans

1 - RBTA

1 - Clam (has anyone kept a clam under an e-lite?)

2 - Rod's or Booyah's Onyx clowns

2 - Chalk bass or couple of gobies

Possibly some sun corals if the filtration can handle the bioload

All NPS corals and 1 Frogfish



*update 6/6/09*

It's here!








*update 6/21/09*







Any input, thoughts, suggestions, advice, etc... would be greatly appreciated!

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beautiful tank. Very impressive. Photography is stunning as well.


I was planning on changing the water and clean the tank this weekend but I'm too lazy...

I've been running the tank for almost 9 months now and this by far the easiest to maintain.

how often do you do water changes?

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^^thats not my tank, its a guy on RC, the username is "this is me" LOL I thought it might confuse some people


I dont have any tanks running right now

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as I read your post here i'm thinking, "man, this guy's english sucks. sounds like engrish"


and it didn't help that the guy whose thread you linked to ('this is me') speaks engrish. So I saw continuity lolol. thanks for sharing anyways.



edit: lol let me expound. i read your post as "'this is me' tank" and thought you just sucked at grammar.

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Looks like you've got a pretty solid plan in place. I'll be tracking this one, I've always found your tanks quite impressive.

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!!! ELOS!?


What happened to matching custom tanks?


I'm still working on the other tank, haha... I know you love plumbing but I hate it, especially when I have to go through walls. I got the Elos for crazy cheap and will probably have it up and running next week after finals.

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It's here!






It was delivered this morning and it's great to meet good people in this hobby. The seller also threw in a bunch of extra stuff. I probably won't be able to clean it until next weekend, but I'm going to start making water and soaking some rocks and sand. I still can't get over the deal I got on this thing either.


I am very impressed with how bright the light is. Having had a tank with similar dimensions before, I think this is somewhere in between a 150w 10k and a 175w Iwasaki 15k. Crisp white with a slight blue tint. It's nice to see it without water cuz now I know if it looks yellow later its the water and not the light! I might change my mind about livestock and keep sps with this thing, we'll see.

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haha, the nod of approval... thanks guys...


I had plans to do some traveling in Asia this summer but that didn't work out, so I ended up getting a summer research job. If that didn't happen I probably wouldn't have gotten this tank.

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just finished filling her up. I'm tired! teaser pic:





LED is glorious. You can see little blue and white dots dancing around on the sand, it's like there's a disco ball above.

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