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Slaychilds new 34g Solana.....

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Hello everyone. I thought I would post my thread for my Solana also. I picked up my tank, stand, sand, and liverock on the same day and set it up once I got home. It was setup on the 15th of Feb and has been doing great since then. I am also using all SeaChem products in my tank.


Current equipment:


Koralia 1

Koralia 2

Stock skimmer

Stock return pump

150w Current USA Sundial HQI


Current Live stock:


40lbs Live sand

40lbs Live rock

Ocellaris Clown

Three Stipe Damsel

Lawnmower Benny

Target Mandarin

20 Hermits

20 Snails

Purple Frogspawn

Blue Hammer Coral

Green Zoo's

Blue Ricordea

Green Ricordea

Metallic Green Stars

Green Hairy Mushrooms


My parameters:


PH - 8.1

Ammonia - 0

Nitrite - 0

Nitrate - 0

CA - 430 mg/l

Alk - 3 mg/l

Salinity - 1.025


Here is some pictures. Please tell me what you think and any advice would be great. Sorry for the bad pictures.















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Great aquarium Slaychild! I love Solanas and wish i had one!

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Nice tank, welcome to the Solana club. What is your Alk level. Should be around 8-11ish.




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is that a 10k bulb?

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Yes it is a 10k, but I will soon get my 20k. The alk is in mg/l, not in dKH. I think you multiply by 2.5, I believe. I'd have to look it up. But thanks guys for the comments.

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Beautiful! What kind o sand are ya using?

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I forgot the name of the brand of san it is, but it was live sand. It said something about instant cycle on it.

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As of today my levels are still good.


Salinity - 1.025

Calcium - 430 mg/l

ALK - 11 dKH

PH - 8.2


SPS and clam is coming soon. Center chamber fuge is doing great. I also plan on moving the tank, because were it is at the ground is not level. So I will post pictures of the move also.



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