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Solana build... this one is DIFFERNT..

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Here is a couple of quick shots of my Solana as it was the day I set it up and one month later..


of COURSE I dont have a shark (well not in my Solana anyway) nor do I have a Tang,, but I do have a whole Flock of them on order...


I have been a "fishkeeper" since there were Mollies and Angelfish in the 20 high and I was a KID,, bread Bettas fist time in 5th grade,,, Pianha tank in College,, Had a Goldfish thing for years, imported Ryukins direct from China.. Had Koi ponds everywhere..


Then I move by the SEA.. it started with Snorkeling,, and seeing up close and personal..


Free "Live" Saltwater and Liverock,, so I set up a 450G with a massive sump,, about 500G but it had LOTS of rock in it.. that tank I had for 6 years.. but now back to my home of NWA and 34G was how I decided to start up.. having been out of reef keeping for almost 5 years.. there has been a lot change, but even more stay the same.. WATER CHANGES,, dont OVERSTOCK, or overfeed..


enough rambling..


Here is the tank new and at 30days... will try and take Pics at the first of every month and keep it updated..


Current USA Solana 34 Gallon All in one tank..

Current Nova Extreme Pro lighting that is T5 bulbs SIX TIMES... 3X atinic and 3X 15,000K

Took out the "Bio (hazard) Balls" added,

45lbs of CURED liverock,, and a 30lb bag of CaribSea sand..

I use only ReefCrystals, 1.025 ~ .026

Protein skimmer is stock for now.. (Euro Reef Nano here I come)...

Boyd Chemi-Pure Elite

and a Huge blob of Pillow Batting Floss from Walmart,, (Changed weekly when I do water change)

Hydor Koralia #1

Temp is a bit cold,, 74-76f (gotta get a heater!)

8.4 ph

0 Ammonia

0 Nitrates

0 Nitrites

410ppm Calcium

9.0 Dkh Ka/alk


Daily dose of CaribSea Purple Up

Smirnoff VODKA

Weekly dose Kent Strontium & Molybdenum

Kent Tech 1 ~ Iodine

Kent Coral-Vite


Food Reef Chili just a bit everyday (reefchili.com)

Weekly Water Change SeaCrystals 5Gallons, thats 21%




1 Firefish

1 yellow clown Goby

2 Maroon Clown (white stripes) and cool Broken stripes.

5 Blue leg Hermits

5 Scarlet Hermits

7 Astera Snails

7 Nassarius Snails


1 4inch Green Toadstool Leather

1 small Pulsing Xenia (frag)

2 small Kenyan Tree (frags less than 1 inch when I got them)

3 different mushrooms (got them as a single mushroom)

5 different Zoanthids (some as few as 3 polyps, other as many as 25)

1 Yellow polyps (got 4 now 9 polyps)

3 Small Green Start (i know weeds of the reef, but gotta have something)

1 Med Bubble Coral (it looked rough but it was $20, looking better already)

1 Mystery Rock (from Sprinfield planet coral, Gonipora? Mushroom, Xenia, Moniporia) LOTS softball sized.


Caulerpa (2x small places growing in tank, pull part out weekly)


ok.. now the PICS..



can someone help me with the Coral ID in the third photo?




One Month



can someone please help me ID this coral ? (Goniporia, or FlowerPot?)






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i have a chance to buy one of these. i think i am going to take the aio plunge. it will fit in nicely with my other 8 tanks that are running right now

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Sweet, can't wait to see the shark. :P


Glad to see a new person with so a lot of experience with tanks!

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Awesome! :)

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Wow, very nice!

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THANKS for the Kind comments..


yeah... I found the SHARK Egg at the Easter Egg hunt yesterday..


the other thing I wanted to add was I got the Tank off of Craigslist for $400 with the light and all.. got the receipts too,, the tank was 63 days old and the light was just 22 days..













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Your tank is looking great! I to am working on a new Solana set up. I'm a little over two weeks in and have been keeping a log and taking pics since day one. I plan to start a thread when things get a little further along. I will be keeping track of yours with interest. Who would have thought looking at live rock in a box of water would be so fascinating. :D

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DUDE.,,, if you think that is interesting.. you should wait until two hours after your light has gone off,,, then sneek,, (walk really really stealthily) with a flashlight and look at all the "BUGS" that live in your tank that you were unaware of..


I mean sure there are bristle worms.. but the BIG ones come out at night,, and these little things that look like they belong in a cheap B movie.. and if you sit there long enough.. you might even began to hear something behind the couch.. or on top of the kitchen cabinets ! NO WAIT,, they cant get out,,, or can they?


QUICKLY... Back to Bed !





Who would have thought looking at live rock in a box of water would be so fascinating. :D

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Nice pics

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Nice tank, I too also have a Solana, I love it. Keep us updated with any new pictures you take of your tank!

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today the kind,, USPS man brought me some really COOL,, LEDs..


the ones they sell on Ebay supposed to be the really nice ones..


I laid them on the glass lid tonight... NICE !


tomorrow I wire them up and add some PICS.. !



Ebay this ! "Moonlight Aquarium Lighting 4 Wide Angle 13,000MCD LEDS "

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