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Missing crab


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Hello all!


I am new to Nano-reefing so bare with me if this is a stupid question. I am missing one of my two blue legged hermit crabs. He kept switching shells, and now I don't see him in either of the two he's been using. If he is missing (ei: dead) do I have to worry about removing him, or will the other crab and my Peppermint shrimp take care of it?


Also, what would be a good clean-up crew for a 5 gal minibow?

So far I have about 8 lbs of live rock, live sand, 2 damsels, 2 (or maybe one :( ) blue legged hermit, and a small button coral.


Thanks for any suggestions





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Well, if he did die, he was probably already eaten by the other crab and shrimp (hence him missing).


Everyones opinion varies on the clean up crew. Just do a search and you will turn up many results for tanks of all sizes.

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