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Adding corals - all at once?


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I have a good hookup that is going to give me about 5-6 different frags of coral: zoos, mushrooms, ricordia, xenia, green star polyps, regular polyps. The frags should be small.


Is it safe to introduce them ALL to my tank on the same day?


Also I have a very small cyano bacteria problem (red hairy, mucky, clumpy, stuff that you can peel off the rocks).


I currently have nothing in the tank except for live rock, sand, and 9 various snails and 2 hermit crabs. I have no idea how this cyano is still growing. I always remove it weekly with 1.5 gallon water changes by brushing it off with a toothbrush in the water and using a turkey baster to suck it all up.



Will the corals I add outcompete the cyano for nutrients (nitrogen, phosphate) in the tank and cause the cyano to die off?


Or would it be a bad idea to add all those corals at once?

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i'm using my RODI unit, and sometimes I buy the purified RODI water at my local "wild oats market" called Penta, which is supposedly RODI and the most purified water ever.


Maybe time to change RODI water?


Also correct me if i'm wrong, but won't the corals outcompete the cyano, red hair slime algae for nutrients? causing the cyano to die off?


Bear in mind I will have no fish in my tank, only clean up crew and corals. Should that be okay?

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You should not have cyano if you have no fish in the tank unless there is a problem. Cyano is caused by a lack of water movement in that area, old light bulbs, high nutrients, or high phosphates. Correct me if I am wrong with no fish you are prob not feeding the tank at all. That means that rules out the overfeeding problem. I would get a good test kit and test for phospates both in your tank water and in your ro/di water. The only way to get rid of cyano is to find the root of the problem. If not it will keep coming back. I am not an expert, but I have had a problem before in the past and read alot about it. My tank might be overrunned with it next week who knows, but that is my understanding of the problem of cyano.....

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I had a small little patch of cyano growing on the rocks a few weeks ago. Just siphoned it out and adjusted the flow from the powerheads a little, and it has not come back since!

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