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Cultivated Reef

15g Lighting


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Hey all


would a quad ballast with 3x 10000k 18w bulbs and 1x 6500k 18w actinics be ok for a 15g tank? I am only going to have 1-2 small fish and various softies such as mushrooms, rics, xenia, zoo's, etc. Would that be OK ?

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sup bob i think imo you would be o.k. with your coral choices,and i cant wait to see your pics eventually cause i'm setting up the same tank!but with different lighting. hope i helped?

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I suppose that would work. But you might be better served by going to http://www.ahsupply and picking up a 2x55 kit with 2 10,000K bulbs and a 1x55 kit with an actinic blue bulb. You can fit 3 of their reflectors over a 15 gallon tank. Put the two ballasts on different timers so that the actinic comes on first and shuts off last. That way you'll have more light and you'll be able to have a degree of morning, mid-day, evening simulation.


I'd strongly urge you to consider PC lighting rather than NO. More bang for the buck.



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I have a 15gal eclipse reef. I used the custom sea life 32 watt smartlamp (half 10000K and half actinic, double check)powercompact. very bright. all my corals seem to do fine the harder corals are neer the top. if you have a custom hood you could put two in there for a combined total of 64 watts. they are about 60 bucks and perfect size for nano reef. Softies do just excellent under it.

or there is also the power quad retro

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