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Coral Vue Hydros

Taam SEIO Prop Super Flow Pump


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Yes, I have the P530 in my 34 gal Solana which adds 530 gph to the flow. I picked it over the Koralia because it is more compact and I just did not like the looks of the Koralia in the tank. The Seio Prop has provided a good boost to the water flow and is a good second flow source to the stock pump which puts out about 400 gph.


Taam has a statement on their new products that they are coming out with a version with wave making capabilities. It has been on their website for months with no new updates. In the meantime, I am happy with the P530.



SEIO™ Surge Prop Pump

Seio prop pump with built random water flow and wavemaker an action that simulates ocean currents and flows. No more wavemakers or timers these use are plug and play

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