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Nitrate Stuck at 7ppm


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I have set up a biocube (http://Nanobyadrian.blogspot.com for more explicit details)


I am about to transfer a bunch of corals from my large display to the cube.


For some reason for the last week and a half the Nitrate has been stuck at around 7ppm.


The tank has been allowed about 5.5 weeks to cycle , (I used the raw shrimp technique and the liverock came directly from my 55 gallon so it was mature and cured.) There is a tiny bit of hair algae still growing but the diatoms are pretty much gone.


Ammonia is Zero, Nitrite is Zero, Phosphate is Zero.

PH is 8.3,dKh 12, and Calcium 440.

I have taken out the false bottom, and replaced the middle chamber floor with eggcrate. I have a Fuge, and an Aqua C remora with a MJ 1200 and am running a bag of Zeolite/Carbon mix between the middle and last chamber.


For flow I have replaced the stock pump with a MJ1200 with a Hydor Flo, and I also have a Nano Koralia Running.


I have a small CUC (Seven Hermits, 5 or so Snails, an Emerald Crab, and a Cleaner Shrimp.


There is about 35 lbs of Live Rock (I will be adding about 25 lbs more When I add the coral and do some aquascaping, and a 3-4 Inch Sand Bed.


Am I missing something? Where could this Nitrate be coming from/where is it hiding.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated, this is frusterating.

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Ya, like Mr. Fosi said, there may be something wrong with your test kit.


I am gonna borrow a friends test kit and try, it is quite possible mine are out of date or something.


That would be the most logical solution because with as many nutrient export methods running on such a small body of water, and almost no bioload the stalemated Nitrates must be another problem.


For the record (I am using RO water, and I have cheato)


I will try the test now. Thanks for the help I will keep you all updated.


In the meantime if anyone has any other suggestions I would be open to them.

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Well... Problem Solved.


I picked up a new test kit today and lo and behold nitrates are zero.


This makes things a lot better. I suppose its time to start adding coral.

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Because NO3 measuring zero doesn't say anything else about the rest of the tank's chemistry.


What are the day, night pHs?



Very true however my first post DOES say everything else about the tanks Chemistry, as well as the info in tank parameters on my Nano's Website.


Given the stable Kh, PH, and Calcium, combined the with proper nutrient export methods in place I just assume the water is ready to accept some species that are already growing great in my large display.


I may note that I am also adding Small doses of Iodine, and Magnesium Weekly.


With significant Coraline Growth as evidence, correct me if I am wrong but I think this system is ready for some coral.

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