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Planted tank for filefish?


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Not nano, but a possible biotope for filefishes, like tassle fiefish, Chaetodermis, or sargassum (segrass or bristletile) filefish, A. tormentosa.

Both are described living in seagrass covered places, hunting there for a food.

Do you know, how to grow macroalgae fast in their tank (they are omnivores, algae eating too), without lowering pH by CO2 injections, avoiding growth of undesirable algae - the fish produces a lot of waste and small particles and dissolved organics during feeding. Also, they seems do not like bright light, necessary for the plants.


Any thoughts?

If you have a small mimic filefish, looking like valentini puffer, this should be similar.

If you have any photos or links, post, please.

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