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Nuisance Algae Guide

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The Rainy Day Aquarium
23 hours ago, msayler said:

This is giving me fits. Nothing seems to work on it. I'm having a hard time indentifing it. Any ideas?

It grows in mats on my sandbed and in clumps on my rock.

I have the same stuff in my tank. I believe it's a type of Valoniaceae (bubble algae) although the specific species is unclear to me. If it's a bad infestation, you might try a product that I've sworn off call Vibrant as it claims to deal with bubble algae and many people have success with it. Vibrant has crashed my tank twice now so obviously your mileage will vary on how effective it is lol.

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I should add, if it does not have that stiff texture, it is probably a Cladophoropsis. Looking at it again I think that is more likely. 

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