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New lights are bleaching my LR?


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Ever since i switched from 20watt fixture to a 65watt fixture the coralline aglae on my live rock is turning white. Is the coralline algae dying or does it just need to get used to the brighter light?

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I recently switched from the stock PC lighting on my 24g Aquapod to a 250 watt sunpod. Obviously, that is quite a change. I have had a little coraline die off on the areas in direct light. In other areas I am starting to see more coraline growth.


My only concern for your tank is how much die off did you get? If you got more than just a bit (whatever that means), it could be something else. How are your parameters? Calcium?


Nevertheless, I would just keep up with your water changes, and you will have coraline everywhere shortly.

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