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Odd acting Perc


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Ok today i upgraded my 27 watt pc quad @ 65K to a coralife 30" 65 watt pc 50/50. A few hours after doing so one of my 2 clowns has started acting funny. He looks as if he is sitting on the bottom of the tank in a corner, but at the same time if his female decides to swim elsewhere he follows. Could this just be stress from the lighting upgrade or should i be worried about more?

Here are my currents specs.


20l aga

aquaclear 10 ph

whisper 5-15 hob, w/ carbon

~23lbs of ls

~8-10 lbs of lr

3.5" convict goby (female)

tb perc pair ~1.75" (bonded)

2" green mandarin dragonet (male)

small decorator carb w/ an anemone (Calliactis polypus) attached to his back

1 turbo snail

2 astraea

~3 nas.

~10 blue leg

horseshoe (alive but buried for the past month)

banded serpent star

~3" GBTA


ammonia 0

nitrite 0

nitrate 0

dosing calcium, iodine, and strontium/molybdenum

feed twice a day w/ garlic flake

feed every other day bloodworm and/or brine shrimp/splurina



p.s. i know a 20l is small for a GBTA, im not looking to get flamed for anything about what i have. just looking for advice on my male perc

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