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Coral Vue Hydros

Is it worth buying this for the LR?


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Whoa!!! I wouldn't even look twice at that! turn around and run!!!! Seriously it only looks like 15 lbs of LR at most your better off buying from your LFS. Just my opinion though.

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"The tank is established and comes with all the stuff inside."


"I have well over a $1000 in this. Tank another $300. And the time and money spent on getting it just right."



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Yeah, I was mostly kidding. I saw the posting and couldn't believe they wouldn't of pull some of that crap out before taking the picture.


That starfish looks happy though....making scum angels.

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It's your tank, admit it. You just wanted to see how everyone would react to it before admitting it.


Just messing with you. It's a pretty ugly tank.

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Actually, I am getting ready to set up my first SW tank, and this is exactly what I am trying to avoid. I have been udgrading the heck out of my BC29 flow and filtration.

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for $200 the tank might be worth it I'd give it a look, looks like a Aquapod 24g. I'd dump everything inside save the shrimp, and salvage any "corrals" you could find. Put the LR in a big ass pot and boil it and let it sit outside for a month in the sun so it can bleach. It will be good as new.


Oh I'd also fill the entire tank with a vinegar solution and let it sit for a few days just to kill off anything that may be living in the back chambers. See if you can't get him to throw in the stand if it has one.

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Well, I have no real interest in anything but the LR. I am going to start cycling my tank soon. Thought it might be possible to salvage the LR, clean out the tank and get most of my money back. The cleanup looks like a HUGE nightmare though, and I don't think I wanna wait a month to have the LR.

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Yeah if you already have a tank pass on it. You can usually get cheap LR on Craigslist or from your local reefers club. Where are you located?


Northern California, Windsor specifically.

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Well at least the Shrimp has several places to hide.

I mean holy Cr@p how do you let it get that bad i can see why he is selling it want free form the nightmare!


As for worth it NO unless it comes with stand and indentured slaves to clean it!

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