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Unidentified polyp

Agent G

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I went out on a limb and bought this from a lfs because it looked amazing and I have nothing in my tank that it could hurt (if is was inclined to hurt something).


The owners of the store could not ID it and guessed at the name "red warty polyp". A google search didnt yield anything, nor did looking threw some coral books. The said that it either came from the Atlantic or Australia. :huh: Yeah, i know, i thought the same thing.


The lfs had it in a low light tank on the bottom for 3 weeks and it seemed to be thriving.


I curls up when you touch it- and it is very slimy. It opened up and looked just like it did in the store in my tank in a matter of hours. It is currently the size of a silver dollar.


Any thoughts?


This is the most accurate color...





sorry, still working on the camera skills.

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Long tentacle plate? Does it have a hard skeleton or is it just squishy?


It is just squishy. It is attached to a small piece of stone for and anchor.

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Its just a type of bubble mushroom i have one in my tank that i bought 3 days ago

they have some that are really cool colors

treat it like you would any other mushroom and itll quickly multiply like any other shroom

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Might be some kind of corallimorph if it's not a plate... like this.


This looks very possible. I will research further. Thanks!


If this is the case I wayyyyy overpaid. Oh well. Stupid me for not knowing what I was buying.

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I would never pay more than $5 for a coral my LFS couldn't even identify.


Yeah, it was kind of stupid, but it was really cool looking and they said it was easy to care for. Turns out I paid a fair price. Got all caught up in the moment!

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hey no credit for me i said it was a mushroom right away lol


Hey I looked it up! I am brandy new to invert taxonomy. I might be a scientist but I work on the molecular side of things. This "unidentified" area is great fun. Reminds me of undergrad.


Can wait to get caught up with some of you guys so I can be helpful!

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