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WOO HOO! Trained mandarin by accident :P


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I just picked up a 2" target mandarin dragonette and some brine shrimp eggs from my LFS the other day, planning to train it with SeaDemTails method in my 12 gallon nano that I just set up for the purpose with a DSB, HOB filter loaded with LR, and very low flow. Anyway, I was watching the mandarin eating today and it seemed to be pecking an awfull lot, once over 5-6 seconds, and it wasnt swimming around as much as usual. Uppon closer examination, it was eating the detritus in stead of pods! Since then I have also seen it eat whole dead mysis, bristle worms, and flake food and blood worms, which were meant to be pod food. I think that using a low flow tank with lots of pods and a lot of detritus might be a viable way to train these things. When the Madarin misses a pod, it gets some detritus and after it learns to eat detritus it will eat whatever is mixed in, like flake food of mysis. Anyone have a similar experiance?

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sooo ... basically you're saying its eating poop?




:haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:


More seriously, I am sure it wasn't eating at the store and it didn't start eating for a while after I got it.

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