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Obligatory stocking question


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I have a 24 g AP. False perc has to go in due to disney's influence on my children. But, mom and dad would like to have choices too for a change. Would a 6 line wrasse and a midas blenny work in there as well, or would that be to much bio load? Thanks

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That should be fine. Make sure there are plenty of nooks and crannys for the sixline to hide and explore. You should also add the sixline as the very last fish since they can be aggressive to new fish.

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thanks for the tip! rock work is definately looking like a thomas' english muffin (nooks and crannies) and will do on adding the six line last. i know i will be flamed and told to do some research, but will the six line eat pellet or strictly frozen? i've never kept one before.

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