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Snail questions


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I've just finished cycling my new tank (34G Current Solana), and added snails and hermits two days ago. Ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels are all 0, and there's substantial algae growth. I have a mix of cerinth, astrea, turbo, and margarita snails, and red and blue legged hermits. While the hermits seem very active, some of the snails, especially the astrea snails do not move around the tank very much, and a couple of the margarita snails keep trying to crawl out of the tank. How much activity should I expect to see from them? Has anyone come across any good, detailed resources about snails? I've searched the forums here, but haven't found much detailed information about their behavior, and other sites I've found only have the basics on each type of snail.



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I rarely see my astreas move. They ninja from one place to another when I'm not looking. My margarita's like cleaning the inner lip of the tank and will go up onto my hob filter but they never jailbrake.

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I have a few turbos that are always busy and when you feed nass snails will outrun crabs. For the most part they are all slow and steady workers.

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my cerith snails only move at night, very rarely during the day, my astrea also like to climb the tank to the top under my HOB filter, and my turbo does fook all apart from fall off the glass and go in his shell once he hits the bottom, plays dead so i put him on the glass, he falls off again in 30 mins. hes clumsy.

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