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Cultivated Reef

Killer Hermits


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I woke up this morning, and am 99 percent sure a group of 3 hermits killed and ate one of my larger turbo snails. Should I leave the empty shell in for looks/ another crab to take? or get it out before the crabs kill more.

Whats up here?



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Maybe the snail died and they cleaned up the carcass. Leave the shell in if you want, doesn't matter.


Edit: Make sure the hermits have extra shells to switch out when they grow, or they will go after snails.

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Thanks, I have 2 spare shells in there, well 3 now.

And I guess I will let the homicidal hermits go this time.

Like you said maybe he was dead.



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I'd suspect the hermits. Mine would actively go out and hunt for snails. I started feeding them pellet food that drops down to the bottom and they don't see to bother the snails anymore. Although there's only 1 crab left. I wonder where the others went...:closedeyes:

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Yeah, the bigger the blue legs get the worse they are, i had 2 that were killing snails that were in good health as well as other blue legs, they can be vicious, i ended up plucking the 2 big guys out lol and RIP.

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