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Using Garlic


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Wanted to know peoples thoughts about using regular garlic cloves in our fishes food ...

Who does it?

What consistency do you chop the garlic up to?


Any advice would be much appreciated!


Thanks everyone!!! :D



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Never used the clove itself in the feed before. Have no clue if that works good or not. I put cloves in between 2 spoons and squeeze the juice out into the feed cup and let it sit for a few minutes. First time didn't get much different reaction. Second time pretty much all life forms come out from the woodwork literally as fast as they could including snails, bristleworms, asterina stars, urchins, etc. I've never seen an urchin move that fast...he beat the snails!

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If you soak the crushed cloves in tank water for say 15 minutes and then drain the garlic or pull the garlic out there would be plenty of juice leftover to soak your food. At least that's how you do it when you are making fried plantains and you want to soak them in garlic juice.

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i used to do that david.i puree the garlic put it in a piece of cloth then i squeeze

in a container.1 or 2 drops evrytime i feed my corals and fishy..

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