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28g HQI nano cube upgrade


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I have had the 28g up and running for about 10 months now and all is good. I have a spare 10g laying around and thought of making a sump/fuge out of it. Any thoughts on this? Also any recommendations on a protein skimmer for this setup? Thanks in advance. This site has really helped me a lot with the hobby.

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Go for it. I don't know the specifics on plumbing if the tank is not drilled, but I have an Aqua C Urchin, in sump skimmer in my ten gallon sump and it is awesome. Super quiet and gets nasty skimmate too. I suggest getting some 1/4 inch acrylic at home depot or lowes, go home measure how you want it cut and bring it back for them to cut (they do it for free). Fill me in on how it all goes. If you show me your plans and stuff i can give you some suggestions, because there are a few things I would change in my sump now that I have had it up and running for a couple weeks

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