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EcoSystems 28P


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So after close to 6 years I'm looking to get back into the hobby. My Old tank was a 76g Oceanic Bowfront with 4 36" VHO's, Mad dog skimmer, wet/dry sump. I kept some LPS but no SPS. I'm now looking for a tank which I can care for both. I went to two local Saltwater reef shops [wouldn't necessarily call them LPS since they cater only to reefers] and saw the new Ecosystems MINI tanks, one I believe might have been 34g another was 28, niether has skimmers but both had built-in refugium's with stock lighting for the refuge and a pendant 150 MH. I went to Eco's website and they have a model that has a skimmer and refuge which I liked but I wasnt to sure about the stock skimmer. From the many many threads I have read on Nano-reef, I think I'd like to put a Vortech MP20, Tunze 9002, and for lighting something with 150MH and PC actinic. I like the blue that the PC MH combo provides. PLEASE!!! any suggestions or advice WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!! So much has changed in the last 5 years.

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I suggest a T5/MH combo over PCs. T5s are a lot better in terms of bulb options and basic lux (lumens per watt) than PCs.


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Thanks for the input!

I just talked to a friend who is going to sell me a 250w sunpod so I think a 24g Aquapod is the way I'm going to go. Any more advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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