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Feather duster eaten on?


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I have a feather duster worm living in my live rock. I have noticed it has been awefully scarce lately. It is out now, and it looks like the feathery part has been chewed on. What could do this?


The only things I have in my tank are two trochea snails and a sexy shrimp. Would the sexy shrimp do this??


I have been hearing some tapping, but I can't tell if this is coming from in the tank or the filters, and I haven't seen anything. Would a mantis or pistol shrimp bother the duster?


Also, will it grow back?


Thanks for your help..

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Sexy shrimp may pick on your feathers and zoas if they are not fed. Try giving it a single shrimp pellet daily and see if your coral harassment stops.

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A well fed shrimp is a happy shrimp! ;)


:) Do you think the feather duster will grow back if I keep the shrimp fed? Poor thing looks like it had a bad haircut.

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Feather dusters can lose their crowns and grow back new ones. As long as the body wasn't damage there shouldn't be any problem with it growing back. Just make sure you are feeding the duster and it should recover nicely.

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