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What will my True Percs host?


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Hey all!

I have a 29g biocube set up. It is now on its 5th week and I added 2 juvenile tank bred True A. Perculas a week ago. They are doing great but I want to give them some more entertainment. Unfortunately, I have stock biocube lights that are not strong enough to host an anemone (correct me if I'm wrong).

Would my percs host some sort of soft coral or is there some sort of anemone I could keep happy? They need a friend! Because they are tank bred my LFS said that they wouldn't host, but is this really the case?

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I have some false percs that did not host anything for almost 18 months. Then one day I found the smaller one (tank bred) was wallowing in a 4-head frogspawn. Within a week both were playing in with the euphyllia that I have in my tank (probably at least 100 heads of hammer/frogspawn). The clowns completely ignore the RBTAs that I have in the tank. Go figure.


I also have one head of frogspawn in a stock AP24. They do fine in a small tank with PC lights.



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LFS.....IDIOT!!! clown will or will not host no matter where they are bred. and clowns dont really need anything to host to be happy. my percs are tank bred and are hosting my red mushroom. ive seen peoples perc host all sorts of diff corals. mine even sleep ontop of my powerhead at night. you could try a torch coral, hammer, xenia, give one a try wouldnt hurt. at least you would end up with a nice new coral!

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when I had my pair of true perculas I introduced a GBTA to my tank. For about a month they were not interested in it, then magically one day I was watching the tank and they decided to dive right in. Perc's are kinda just, throw something in and see if they go for it, it might take a long time.

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Cool thanks guys!


How is the upkeep on bubble tipped anemones? Hard? Easy? I'm a total beginner so I don't want to kill anything.


I might just go for some hammer coral. I need something that sways in my tank anyways. As of now, it's pretty barren but it will be beautiful someday!

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It's not a guarantee that a Clown will host anything. I say stay away from an anemone because of the lights you have. You could try a Frogspawn, torch, or even a hammer. BUT give it some time. I think your tank is still a little young to carry coral. Some reefers put coral in their tanks early and stuff start to die. That just my opinion.


If you had a different light I would say a Bubble Tip Anemone might be ideal. They are not the hardest to keep. I say the hardest to keep in my experience are Ritteri Anemone and Carpets.

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