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Getting there...

Nang Yuan

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So after about a month to six weeks of beating back the GHA (and other mess!) I am finally starting to get somewhere...


Tank is an AIO Shin Mao 22 Gallon (but only about 20 Gallons in the front as I am running a dry floss in the back) also contains a bespoke skimmer which seems OK.


Turned out my 'trusted' source of RO / Salt mix was running a nitrate level of almost 100ppm.


My new source is about 100ppm less!!


My frags are now in and starting to wake up and a glimmer of light is starting to appear through the algae!


My fish count will probably never go further than a couple of commomn Clowns and maybe a Blenny for cleanup.


Is it wise to have Bumble Bees - I have heard they can be a problem?



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bumble bees are predators, not scavengers. So, they will eat a lot of things that make your rocks and sand live. Good luck with the hair algae.

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