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Sand replacement

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Got a question. When I first started my tank, I was unsure on what kind of sand to use. I bought a bag of that substrate. It's real fine stuff. Later a buddy and I went in half of a bag of live sand. I put the live sand on top of the substrate and that's when I started cycling my tank. A few months later to present day, I bought a koralia 3 and found out it's too much for my tank. The koralia stirred up my entire sand bed pretty much to where the substrate is now on top. Any kind of movement will kick up that substrate and cloud my tank for about an hour. I'm considering scooping out my existing sand bad and replacing it with just regular live sand, heavier stuff. Would I have to pull everything out and let the tank cycle again, or would I be okay with leaving everything in there and just scoop out and immediately replace?

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