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Crazy Hitchhickers...


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My tank has been set up for about 4 months and running at full speed for about 1-2 months.


When I get home...my house is dark and my lights are off. As soon as I put on my lights, I see about 20-25 small shrimps eating around my sand. They look clear and have small black spots on them. It takes them about 3-4 minutes to run away and fully hide themselves in the live rock...after that you don't see them for the rest of the day.


They look just like the "THING" in Figure 4: see here



Any idea if they are good for the tank? Either way...I really want them out...they kinda gross me out!




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Pods, it's fine.


And this should be in the Identification forum.


Edit: Damn you, Mr. T. :angry:



i'm on a roll.



the correct answer is baby dolphins

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I apologize...I figure they were live rock hitchers...so I'll post them there...


I was also looking for a FAQ thread...and couldn't find it...thanks Steve

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no worry, just leave it here for now. They are hitchikers. They are seen at night, the break down detritus and are a good sign. Your fish will eat them.

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firefish dont usually eat those, but if you have alot, a mandarin or six line wrass can take care of them if you dont like them, but they are good

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