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I just got my order from mr coral and while we had issues that were quickly sorted out (my fault..I've learned my lesson never to order coral at 3am no matter how good of a plan it sounds)


As many of you know spend more then 50 and get a free ric.plus if you sign up for his other site (name escapes me Im sorry) you get another ric. So sure wtf might as well right? So bam bam and done order is done


it gets to Me....All my $200 worth of coral is lookin good...I've ordered from him in the passed so I'm use to good coral etc etc...I open my bag of free rics...




every single 1 cept 1


and that 1 MIGHT turn around


Granted I got them for free and I shouldn't be complaining but I do have just 1 question...


what in the hell were you drinkin when you packaged up 6 rics in 1 bag? to bounce around and destroy each other with their base?


So right now I have 6 LOVELY SUPER RARE BEAUTIFUL COLORS ARE AMAZING....frag plugs..some with glue others with near dead rics on it.....LIMITED AMOUNT


Next time please skip over the free anything man..Just email me and tell me you ran out of rics and offer me something else..hell I would have taken 10% off my next order instead of having 6 lovely super rare beautiful colors are amazing frag plugs





P.S. Don't get me wrong..I'll order from him again in a heart beat I was just planning on getting some rics ontop of what I ordered..hence why I ordered then.

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I find it hard to believe that they died from bouncing around on each other.

They are ok to touch each other without any problems and if it was overnight shipping I dont see how a night of bouncing would kill them.


What makes you think they are dead?

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I can believe it, if they are attached to frag plugs. I've seen it happen with mushrooms all the time. the frag plugs hitting together would do that.

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They are ship 50 to a bag to me. If something died did you email Mrcoral before posting to see what he could do for you on your free rics? Did you send Mrcoral Pics? Did you try to call him?

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