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help, need to buy 24w t5 power compact starter unit


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hi, im in the uk and have searched every shop and website to get a 24w t5 power compact starter unit with no luck or websites stating that they have them in stock then get an email 2 days later stating not instock, i need one a.s.a.p what should i do??

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actually its the 2g11 fitting, same as the one in your pic but with 4 pins, i need it so i can just plug in and go!!

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Standard fluorescent tube starters should work. Most compact fluorescents (T5 in Europe) are run on electronic ballasts, and the starters are internal. You may want to look into one if you are still running a mag ballast. They are much more efficient, and give off less heat, not to mention smaller.

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After seeing your other post, it looks like a confusion of terms. You are looking for what we call a "ballast". These should not be hard to find. A "starter" in the US is typically a capacitor that is used to store energy for startup on a magnetic ballast.


Seems like compact fluorescent lighting is on the way out in the UK. I found very few options for it, and this is about your best bet.



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