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Ditching the bioballs and building a refugium(Questions)


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Thank you guys for all of the feedback on my previous post, about the bio balls. I have decided to go ahead and remove them. I figure since I am only a couple of months in, now would be the perfect time to do it. I just had one of my fish die, so I also have a lighter bio load, he committed suicide and jumped into the back, I ordered a fish saver (Thanks for the design stevieT). I right now only have 1 clown fish, so he should be a good fish to do it with. I have 3 mushrooms and small zoanthid colony. All parameters as of right now show 0.


As mentioned in my previous post I should remove the bio balls about a handful per weekly water change, until gone. Now I have seen many DIY for refugium building, but I am confused about how the water levels will work. The 2nd chamber stock works like a drip way, so how on earth is this changed to a full water level refugium, is it by adding more flow by making that spillway larger? I have chemi-pure in chamber 3 right now, I guess when all said and done I will move it to chamber 1 with the heater.


Now back to the refugium, I guess I should just put chaeto in there with a submersible light, and then put filter floss above on top of some egg crate. What would you guys recommend?


I have a maxi-jet 900 in the sump now and a koralina nano in the tank.


I would also really like to thank everyone for all of the support and ideas, this forum has been very beneficial to my first saltwater aquarium experience.


Edit: I also forgot to mention I have 15lbs of LR.

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I don't know what kind of tank you have, but in my BC29, if you open up the divider from ch1 to ch2, you know that little piece of plastic, and remove the floor in ch1, ch2 should be almost completely full. At least it is in mine. I still have balls, though.


For the light, some people scrape the black paint off the back glass and set a light up with an enclosure there. Seems like it would help keep your temps down, too.

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