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Luke J's Red Sea Max

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Thought I might as well post some photos of my 8 month old Red Sea Max. I will add more info later.







Let me know what you guys think. :)

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Looks very nice.Great aquascaping!!!


Thanks! Here are a few more photos. ;)






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I love it! The aquascaping looks very natural. Nicely done.

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Very nice!


I just got my new Max running this morning.


Yours looks great already, best of luck with it.

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What are your livestocks?



50 lbs. Lala Live Rock




- Flame Angel

- 2 Ocellaris Clownfish

- Blue Damsel

- Yellow Watchman Goby




-2 Dwarf Blue Leg Hermits

-2 Dwarf Zebra Hermits

-2 Mexican Turbo Snails

-2 Margarita Snails

-Red Brittle Starfish

-Coral Banded Shrimp




-Green Star Polyp


-Yellow Polyps

-Colt Coral

-Blue Ricordea Polyp

-Orange Ricordea

-Fluorescent Green Ricordea

-Purple Sea Plume

-Spiny Orange Sea Rod

-5 Various Zoanthids Frags


I do a 4 gallon water change once a week :)

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I just got the new Red Sea Max surface skimmer and an ATO for my tank :D


I will post photos and let you know how the skimmer works.

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