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Still trying to ID THIS NEM..


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I hate these things... just want to be 100% before I destroy them.... hitched on my new LR I got today.


2 suspects.


sorry for the crap pictures 1.3MP FTL.





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Def not GSP. The smaller one actually was stuck in a powerhad in my moms new pico and when I dropped it in, it was reversed so only the red foot was exposed. I mistook it for a mushroom at first until it attached to the rock and opened half way.


For those wondering.. the larger nem is about the size of a soda can.

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he looks really cool. i say no on the Majano because i have just removed 5 majanos from my BC yesterday and they didn't look like that. IMO. I'm still a noob.

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The bigger one looks like a rock flower anemone possibly. Is it mostly flat in the center with tentacles around the edges? They're easy to care for, don't split, and tend to stay in one spot.

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Yep, very flat in the middle with tentacles alone the edges, tentacles are about an inch long.


Epicystis crucifer is what I looked up and yet again, thats not it.

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You already said you hate 'em so whack 'em or give them away. At the point you hate something in your tank it's time to treat it like a weed in the garden.

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