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Christopher Marks

Do you keep a cover on your aquarium?

Covered Aquarium Survey  

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  1. 1. Do you keep a cover on your aquarium?

    • Yes - I have a glass/acrylic aquarium cover.
    • Yes - I have a screen/mesh/eggcrate cover.
    • Yes - I have an aquarium with a built-in hood.
    • No - The top of my aquarium is open to the air.

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This is a pretty nice top. I've lost a few treasured fish the same way, especially jawfish. In fact, I stopped after the 2nd jaw decided to kill himself.

How did you build the frame?


I have lost two fish to carpet surfing, so I made this cover from bird netting to keep everyone in the tank.


Very easy to fabricate from window screen frame you can buy at HD or Lowes.



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I have a glass top, but use it only when I leave for the weekend or longer to help control evaporation. When I can tend to the tank daily it's east to top-off and I don't need the cover to stop evaporation. Plus, there is no chance it is blocking light while it's not in use.

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