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Cultivated Reef

Penny's Biocube14/90g progress


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Tank: Biocube14

Chamber 1: Stealth 50w heater & Oceanic Protein Skimmer (removed-crap)

Chamber 2: StevieT's media rack with floss/chemipure elite/LR

Chamber 3: Maxijet 900

Korilia 1 added across from tanks standard outflow


Rock: 18lbs (not sure what kind)



1 Patch of green star polyps

1 Pulsing Xenia

1 Patch Mushrooms




1 Blk clownfish

1 Reg clownfish

1 Cleaner Shrimp

1 Peppermint Shrimp

Snails & Crabs


Other mentionables: Nanotuners 3.24 lighting upgrade kit






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I have done a house reno or sorts to make room for a 72G, had to move the extremely heavy exercise machine OMG! The cabinet was a breeze.


What I won't do for my addiction! My husband will be in shock when he gets home tonight. The laptop on the table is for my Nano-Reef addiction.





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Found out that bowfront tanks are not the best reef tanks. They said for one, the bowed front can make magnet cleaning tough due to the arced surface where as flat tanks are easier. Plus if I want a sump only a small sump will fit into the bottom of the stand as at the sides it is only 12", 18" in the middle which means smaller sump. A 75-90 gallon has a 18" spread straight across making more room for extras. Never thought about that. I am glad now I asked for their opinion. They also said that the powerheads can have trouble on arced glass vs. straight across. So I am changing my plan from a 72g bowfront to a 90g regular. I even found a stand I LOVE :lol:

See attached picture


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Penny, Nice tank.

I have just started a 12g nc. I noticed that you are running a 50w heater. Does it keep the water at a steady temp? I have a 50w in my "sump" and when the lights and fans come on in the day the temp drops 1 to 1.5 degrees.

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Penny, Nice tank.

I have just started a 12g nc. I noticed that you are running a 50w heater. Does it keep the water at a steady temp? I have a 50w in my "sump" and when the lights and fans come on in the day the temp drops 1 to 1.5 degrees.

I had a 100w at first and it made my tank too hot. So I returned it to the LFS and bought a 50 stealth heater instead. It is working awesome so far.

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Just placed my order for my 90gallon tank. Have to wait a week or so for the stand to come in and then I can make the 4hr trip to pick everything up. I have an order list for those in the know to scrutinize and let me know if things are good or bad. If you have heard of any bad experiences with the below mentionables please post and let me know:


90gallon reef ready tank

Mission stand/canopy (previous post's picture in blk)

Standpipe accessory kit

Oceanic Sump (size2-30Gallon)

Eheim 1262 Water Pump

Vortech MP40x2

Caribsea Arag-Alive Fiji Pink substrate (100lbs)

Ebo Jager heater 200wx2

250w metal halide Megachrome Mogul x2

Galaxy metal halide ballast

Reef Optix Retrofit reflector x2

Ready fit 2x52w T5 fixture (48")

Mini Bubble King Skimmer (180)

Phosban Reactor Pro package (Blk diamond carbon, Opti-Phos Phosphate Remover,Phosban reactorx2, Maxijet400 pump).

R2 Moonlight 48" Strip

2 x 4" Icecap fans

The grand total is one of the "priceless" mastercard moments. I owe my husband A LOT of "favor's".

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Just got my new nano tuners lighting upgrade (3.24) with new upgraded ballasts and Moon lights (LED). It is awesome at night time, love the new LED's! First pic is old light setup, then new lights and finally night time with new LED's. :D




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Just ordered one of these to mount in my new 90g tank. Reviews are good so fingers crossed! Hopefully gives me a good "moon glow"


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New sump redo pictures. My micro-bubbles where everywhere. I have completely redone the sump and it is working so far! Yipeeee :) . New baffles installed on left side where water comes down from tank to contain all the bubbles and flow. Skimmer in middle with heaters and ph/tem probe from Aqua controller JR and return pump and MJ400 which runs the phosphate remover on right. It has been a long few weeks but I think I might have things under control. Touch wood.






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New pictures of the 90 Gallon Tank, one with my cute little son. The brown basket beside the tank on the one shot has my ATO water pail in it. A 5 Gallon pail with a MJ400 in it. I had no room for anything else under my tank so I had to become inventive. I think it looks kinda nice. And the fan shot in my canopy, I have another fan coming to put on the other side, one will blow and one will suck air. Hope that keeps the temp down from the MH's.








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New Biocube 14 pictures also




Great work what is your stocking plan?

Not sure on stocking plans for the 90 gallon. Have to await some more LR next Tuesday, suppose to be cured and ready to add to an established tank but in my case it won't matter. My levels are all at 0 today when I checked but I am waiting for my new LR and then will give it a bit to make sure all is OK.


I want to get fish with purpose. Possibly a tang for algae, might move my 6-line over from my BC14 and not sure what else. Any ideas? What are some good fish that have a meaningful purpose??




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Got my final rocks :D Some of the apstasia are big enough to host a clownfish :angry: but I will have them nuked in no time. Other than that great colors and this is my second attempt at rock-scaping thanks to hazmat! Looking much better than my hillbilly first attempt. The MH's are amazing, truly amazing.







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I really like those moonlights. Since we have the exact same tank I'm going to have to look at that. But I have the TEK fixture and I'm not sure how I would mount it. Is it a long strip?


Looks good! Glad we are comparing notes and figuring this all out together :)

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New updated photos of the tank.


Coral Stocking:


Mushrooms x2 varieties

Pulsing Xenia

Plate Coral

Open Brain Coral

Frogspawn for clowns, ha ha (not hosting yet)

Australian Orange coral (don't know proper name) But very pretty!


Yellow Tang

Hippo Tang


2x Blk Clowns

1x Sixline Wrasse

2x Cleaner Shrimp

4x Peppermint Shrimp

Assorted Crabs & Snails


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