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Moved into new home, which means another tank!


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Hey everyone, I finally had some time to set up my new 18 gallon nano after my move and its finally taking shape. I wanted this tank to be a small nano, but with big tank features. I decided to go with an overflow in the back right hand corner draining down 3/4 inch PCV pipe into a 5.5 gallon tank with an added divider to keep the sand out of my pump. In this 5.5 gallon I have a CPR backpac 2R skimmer, 4 pounds live rock, and 3 pounds live sand (no calurpa, yet) and is currently being lit up by two 15 watt NO flourescent lights attached to the top of the stand. The pump is a via aqua pump pushing 350 gallons per hour through 1/2 inch pvc lines to a top left hand corner bulkhead. Currently i just have 72 watts on the tank, but I am building a 250 watt MH setup for it right now. The new MH setup will be mounted 16 inches off the water surface and will be cooled by four 4" fans automatically controlled by a computer fan controller using an AT power supply for a computer. Two fans will be pushing in, and two fans will be pulling air out. Also, I have a small 2 foot kalkwasser reactor beside the tank. Current calcium levels are at 575 parts per million on a consistant basis. I also am dosing daily with aragamilk and weekly with phytoplankton. Well, thats pretty much it for now! Thanks for checking out my post!



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You may want to check your alkalinity levels (KH). It is highly unlikely that your calcium is at 575ppm. If it is that high, then your alkalinity must be low. At this lowered level, your calcium is basically not usable by your corals or coralline algaes.

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