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Building sump


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I decided to build a 10g sump for a 10 g since im getting algae (established tank), i got the tank cheap and im thinking of mayby getting somethign liek a mantis shrimp in the refugium of the sump.



got a couple questions...


For baffles, could i use storm window glass ? its from actual windows and are just panes so i think it should be fine after a cleaning. What tools would i need for cutting (assuming i have nothing.) Im thinking a glass scorer, gloves and mayby a t square or what would i use to make square cuts?



Also for the overflow, I would want just a small overflow, Like the soap dish sized ones that dont go down to the bottom. The question is do stores sell these premade (i would just have to silicone it in) or would i have to build my own?


Should i drill the main tank or brink it to a glass shop? If i should, would home depot or something sell bits for a hand held drill?



Also, what would you guys recomend as a return pump? And would an oversized pump be ok to use if i made a t in the output pipe so some went back to the tank and some goes back to the start of the sump? or would this be bad (problems with overflowing...?)

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-old window panes will work fine as long as they are not tempered. Just remember to score the glass ONLY ONCE.


-for my overflow i used a plastic cd case holder and just cut it down to the size i needed and siliconed it in.


some pics are here




i drilled myself and cracked the glass, but i think if you take your time it isnt that hard. just make yourself a guide for the drill bit and make yourself a steady work area. my crack was caused but the tank wobbling. the drill bit i bought on e-bay, look you can find some good drill bit and bulkhead deals. home depot def. doesn't have them because i tried there.


i forget the gpm of my pump but its just a regular pond fountain pump. i used 3/4" pvc to go from the overflow to the sump and i used 1/2" sprinkler pipe witch t's for two returns to the display tank.


ill take some better pics of my set-up if you want, when i get back this weekend.

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How would i know if its tempered or not (assuuming it doesnt say). Would it just break when i crack the score or something?

Was your fountain pump just from a lfs?


For my intake, would 1" to 1.5" be to large? I just dont want an overflow. I would also put a square of glass at the bulkhead to distribute some pressure.

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most likely if it doesn't say its not tempered, tempered is more expensive. And yes tempered glass will just shatter when you try to cut it.


i think that i bought the pump off a clearance rack at some landscaping store that had pond stuff.

as far as piping goes, if you get a pump with a 1/2" return. You can use a 3/4" bulkhead. Also the pump I have has an adjustable intake so if you want less flow you can turn it down.


I think this is the pump I have



I'll take a look this weekend.

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