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Chiller Pump Selection - RSM


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Fist time at salt water, my tank thread is over here: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=181513


I bought a chiller for the tank, being in LA in the summer, it's cheaper to run the chiller than the central air! The tank is placed on a very sturdy end-table, with the chiller fitting very well, directly under, the tank. There is plenty of air in front of and behind the chiller. Since the pump, in the bottom of the sump, would be a mere 4-6" higher than the chiller inlets, is that the same as 4-6" of head? Could I get away with a smaller pump, or should I stick w/ the GPH sized RIO+ 1400 I have? It's sure nice that both the chiller and that pump are the same dimensions.


I'm also planning on getting the new RSM chiller accessory kit, so that will hopefully make these connections easier.





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