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New corals!


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I got some neon blue zoas, a red mushroom, Flourescent Green and Purple Ricordea, and steel blue rics from Sea-life inc.


Acclimated them this afternoon... but think I may have screwed up slightly....


I had 2 days shipping (they shipped monday afternoon, arrived this afternoon). There was a heatpack in there, but the water was still pretty cold. I did find some hitch hikers... A copepod and what looks like a tiny sea star.


Anyway, I drip acclimated them for about 1 hour, but stupid me... didn't match temps first. The water was still really cold when I checked on them, so I threw them in a baggie and let them sit in the tank for 30 min. I then glued them all to my LR.


Hope they'll be okay... slightly worried that the shock of the warm water with such a small amount of their normal water didn't kill them off.


But anyway... yup... new corals. I'll try to get some pics tomorrow if they're still alive and open.

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