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Need many opinions on a bulb


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Ive heard many mixed opinions on this bulb so plz help me out. I want to keep mainly soft corals,inverts, snails, crabs, and one fish in my odd shaped 5g tank. Since i already have an incandescent light fixture this bulb seems perfect to me but some people say that its not enough watts even though it equals 50W. So plz give me you'lls opinions on this bulb. http://www.petmeister.com/item1873.htm

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I have 2 10 watt 50/50's on my 10 gal. They seem to work ok. My colt coral is living but not really growing.

I didn't know they made them in 20 watt's now.

If my lfs starts selling the 20's I'd get them for sure.

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is the 20W version same size as the 10W ones? you better make sure, coz if the 20W is doubling the size, basically it's a 2 10W bulb and the 20W may not fit on your tank, just a thought

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Try looking at Marinedepot.com


They have a powerquad 26w Powercompact and I believe you can get two tubes in blue and two in daylight. Otherwise, just get a powerquad daylight and an actinic 13w PC.

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woah the website is f'd up but im positive they have them there i guess its just ot working right now. But as for me im changing plans completely for my tank. Im goin to buy a 5 gallon minibow and get a 32watt CSL smart light retro. Any opinions on this.

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