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Dilemma...5.5 AIO or 4 gal finnex?


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Well i got a promotion recently, which also means i get a desk for the first time...and that means i need to get a tank setup for my desk!


I have a 5.5 AIO i made a few months ago to test the waters of the hobby (waters got tested, and it quickly became to small). It works great, and the light is a 26 watt PC with two 50/50 bulbs.





I also just got a Finnex 4 gallon with a nicer looking design and nicer looking light, but not quite as much wattage (18 watts total).




I do not know what i want to keep in them yet, i really love Acans and Colestria (sp?)....but i dont know how they will handle PC lights as i use T5's on my setup at home. I don't want to keep critters other than a small cuc, so fish/shrimp are out.


Any ideas or opinions?

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Congrats on the promotion. You seem to be one of the lucky few getting them right now.


I say if you have room to point the sump/fuge furthest away from you so you get to see the whole display than use the 5.5. If that made sense. Not even a cute little Clown Goby? If I were you I would just get some nice zoas and other softies. They are super easy to care for and would thrive under either lighting.

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No fish because i am gone for 2-3 days every other week + weekends, i wont feel so bad if i kill some zoas...but if i kill a clown goby or a shrimp that i am attached too....:(


So +1 for the AIO.


I have not really seen any softys i want to keep beyond the expensive zoa/paly morphs. However, i do have my eye on a nice purple hammer morph at a lfs :)

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