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lobster tank for cold water biotope? (craigslist posting)


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I saw this today in a craigslist post:



It's a 90g lobster style tank. I guess it has double panes of glass? I never had heard of that before but maybe it's to cut down on the glass sweating? I also don't know if the condenser works, sounds like more how a fridge cools down. The guy said the bottom is plexi and there are condenser tubes under it. That's all I know about it just wanted to see what some of you thought.

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Instant Lotion

I have one pretty similar, w/the double pane can't see if they included a pic bc the posting was deleted, but here is what mine looks like.


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Assuming everything works, the main issue with lobster tanks is temperature management. They're not usually built to very exacting standards, being designed for short-term holding and not long-term survival, so sometimes they don't hold a steady temperature as well as we would like.


But they're still pretty kick-ass. ;)

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