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A single zoa?


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I'm not sure if this is a zoa or not - when it gets dark it doesn't look like my other zoas do... it disappears....



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I think I have rock anemone's in my tank, they like to stretch for light, they do not seem to bother the colony of zoa's or xenia that they are located in though.

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I can't seem to get a better pic - it's right near the back and I can't get my camera to focus on it properly.


It doesn't seem to be bothering anything, and looks healthy enough... so it's staying at the moment!

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I've just checked out a picture of a majano and it's not one of them.


I can't seem to find a pic of a rock anenome - if anyone has one please share!

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hey, im not sure either but I have 5 of those on my LR that came on hitched. im leaving my in. I like the green on yours.


someone told me its a single zoa. but not sure.



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it does look like a paly though

Aiptasia Link

Aiptasia Anemones | Photos & Profile Information

Also commonly named Tube, Glass, and Rock Anemones, here is a collection of Aiptasia species photos and profile information to help identify and learn about how to eliminate and prevent these pesky sea anemones from taking over your saltwater aquarium system

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I have the same exact thing and mine is also a hitch hiker. It use to be a tube then it took himself away from a tube and stuck to my rock and now a little baby one is coming out from his old tube. hmmmM

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Aiptasia never carry a greenish disk like on that photo. The disk and the brim look much like Zoa.


There are maybe some anemones that people call "rock anemones", too, as the Aipstasia don't have the rights on such a generic name but they seem to be harmless. I got some similar things, too. As it is in a pico, I didn't had to panic and with the time it turned out that they look somehow like Aipstasia and behave in a similar way but never grow to the size of Aipstasia and replicate very slowly.



Best spelling of Aiptasia so far: "Atipastia" among the lesser weird ones like "Aptasia", "Aipstasia", "Apstaisa", etc.



Aipstasia is confusing people ... :lol:

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