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I wanted to know if it was possible to get a second yuma by simply cutting a piece of the foot off of an existing yuma. Also I wanted to know if by cutting one of the bubbles off of a ricordea or yuma would create a second specimen.

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Thanks Lalani, I guess I shall try to propogate with the colony of green yumas that I have now. If successful, I will purchase a red yuma and continue to perform the same method.


Question: I have a green ricordea that I purchased like 1 week ago and it looks like it spits out 2 babies. I had no clue a Florida Ricordea could do this because I have only witnessed yumas spitting out babies. They are the size of a pen point and have about 3-4 green bubbles on them. Should any special care be conducted for these small rics?

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I just fragged a purple/teal/pink/green yuma a week ago. Pulled it out of the tank, let it retract a bit to where i could see the foot (1 1/2") and cut about a 1/4" on each side. Now the main foot has fully separated and the others have actually grown mouths and I now have 3.

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