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I'm just getting back into reef tanks after about 10 years of not having a tank. I am picking up a Biocube 32 today that I got at an amazing price and really excited to get it up and running. This tank comes with the two extra fuge baskets too, and it looks like having a chaeto filter refugium is what a lot of people are doing with these tanks. What is the benefit of this for the tank? Is that something that would be helpful for my Biocube 32? Is it also necessary to add a skimmer to this setup?I'm interested in keeping corals and maybe two clownfish.


Another thing I was wondering about is live rock. Back a decade ago, I would get awesome uncured live rock from my lfs and cycle the tank with that and some fresh live sand. The stores I used to go to have all closed and the few remaining have a poor selection of pricey live rock or this "reel reef" manmade live rock that doesn't have the actual life on it. It's looking like I'm going to have to order live rock from Tampa Bay Saltwater to get what I want or what I'm used to. Is fresh live rock not even necessary anymore?

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