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TDS Reading


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Just got myself a new toy a TDS meter and my RO water from my filter reads between 1 and 2. At what reading would you change the membrane and or the carbon and micron filter. Thanks

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The Propagator

That's not an easily answered question. Its relative to a lot of different things.

You're preference, Algae blooms, Reaction in tank inhabitants. etc etc etc....

Usually its a good idea to go by a pressure gauge as well as the TDS meter.

Some times TDS meters showing elevated levels simply mean you need to back flush your system.

A pressure gauge will back this up if that's whats going on.

If your with out a pressure gauge, 1st try back flushing once you start getting into the 4-5 ppm range.

Do this for about 15 minutes. Let it run then re check with your TDS meter.

Make sure its calibrated though before reading. ;)

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