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top off in a ap24


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So i know that the evaporation takes place in the chamber that contains the return pump. But to look at the amount of evap. to replace, you have to lift the entire lid. what do people use (looking for ideas here people!) to mark the original water line? I was thinking of superglueing a snapped off piece of egg crate to mark it but i am open to other ideas!


Also, i want to raise my water line to be even with the black trim (on the outside of the tank). would superglueing a piece of acryllic to block some of the overflow grate accomplish this without eliminating the actual overflow aspect of the overflow grate (wanted to see how many times i could say overflow in one sentence)


thanks and happy new year!



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I have the same tank and have asked the same questions. I got lots of opinions, but most recommended cutting away some of the vinyl back. I plan on cutting a 1/2" x 1" vertical strip in the pump area. I will then put a piece of masking tape at the water line with each water change. I should then be able to see it from the front when I lift the lid.


As you can see, I haven't done it yet, so I am open to other feedback.





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if you have to lift the lid anyway, then doesn't it make sense to just glue a marker in? that way i don't have to do any cutting. was hoping i would get some more opinions but thanks for your idea jason

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